So this is what being the newbie feels like…

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been on wordpress for a total of five minutes and I already love it! As this is my first post, I don’t really have much to say. I’m calling this an experiment – for all I know, I’m never going to use WordPress again. I’ve never blogged before, and really, the idea of posting all of my thoughts about everything in public seems so absurdly ridiculous I almost already regret doing it.

That being said, I really am excited to start this odd new experience! I’m blogging to acclimate myself to the feeling of others reading my writings. I’ve realized (within the past two hours) that I might want to be a travelling journalist when I’m older, and I figure this is the closest thing I can get to experience.

A few disclaimers of myself:

1. I do things on a whim. Thus this blog.

2. I have a temper. It’s rather big but rarely seen.

3. I shall post whatever the flip I like on here. That will be anything from random short stories I’ve¬†conjured to rantings about my day at school, to descriptions and praises of my Beloveds at work, to whatever ideas I may get in my head, to politics and global issues.

I can’t wait to explore this wonderful place more!

Have a crazy great day!